D'Sunte Wilson, Club Director

Out of Bounds Volleyball Club was founded by D’Sunte Wilson, former Division Academic All-American player at the United States Naval Academy. He serves as the director of the club and also coaches 2 of the club teams. As an athlete at the elite level, both as a D1 college player and as a leader within the Naval Academy environment, D’Sunte brings years of honorable experience. He has coached at every age level for over ten years and has the unique ability to understand every aspect of the game, not only from a coach’s perspective, but from the athlete’s perspective as well. Each year his goal is to have teams qualify for Nationals. D’Sunte is steadily involved with every team in the club and takes pride in knowing each of the players on a first name basis. He takes an interest in the development of every player, whether he is coaching the team or not. Volleyball is a deep passion for D’Sunte and it shows in the way he runs his club and treats his athletes.