Out of Bounds Volleyball's mission to supply the opportunity for those who cannot afford the high cost of club volleyball.  We still are a HIGH-QUALITY club team.  We teach fundamentals and teamwork! 

Volleyball is a physically demanding sport that takes skill and athletic ability.  Club volleyball fosters more than physical activity in our young athletes.  Below is a list of positive attributes players can receive by playing club volleyball at OOB:

  • A Team Attitude vs A Self-Centered Attitude

  • Responsibility

  • Time Management

  • Improved Problem Solving

  • Patience

  • Physical Activity

  • Hand-Eye Coordination

  • Social Interaction

  • Sportsmanship

  • 2016 Best First Year Club Volleyball Team in Southern California

  • 2016 Silver 18s division winner for the Summer SCVA tourney

  • 2017 17 Premier team winners of Copper Division at JVA West Coast Cup

  • 2017 18 Navy Blue team National Qualification

  • 2017 16 Navy Blue team National Qualification

  • 2018 18 Navy Blue team National Qualification



Out of Bounds Volleyball Club is committed to developing every athlete to the peak of her ability. Each program is designed to provide the best possible opportunity for female athletes to develop basic fundamentals and advanced volleyball techniques, in order to achieve success. Athletes will experience intense competition and training, while learning life skills that will assist them in reaching their full potential both on and off the court. Our program is driven by hard work, dedication, and success. We believe that a positive attitude and a strong work ethic is a necessity in life.

Out of Bounds Volleyball Club was founded by D’Sunte Wilson, former Division Academic All-American player at the United States Naval Academy. He serves as the director of the club and also coaches 2 of the club teams. As an athlete at the elite level, both as a D1 college player and as a leader within the Naval Academy environment, D’Sunte brings years of honorable experience. He has coached at every age level for over ten years and has the unique ability to understand every aspect of the game, not only from a coach’s perspective, but from the athlete’s perspective as well. Each year his goal is to have teams qualify for Nationals. D’Sunte is steadily involved with every team in the club and takes pride in knowing each of the players on a first name basis. He takes an interest in the development of every player, whether he is coaching the team or not. Volleyball is a deep passion for D’Sunte and it shows in the way he runs his club and treats his athletes.

Out of Bounds Volleyball program is a volleyball club for girls ages nine to eighteen.  OOBVB competes in USAV sanctioned and AAU tournaments throughout the United States.

We offer quality coaching which focuses on both developing fundamentals as well as high level (Olympic) techniques. We focus on development in the basic skills of the sport for the younger ages, while always seeking top competition. As a player progresses with age and skill level in the club, we offer an increasingly competitive learning environment that aids in the further skill development and exposure to the collegiate level.  The goal at each age group is to develop a team capable of competing at USAV Junior Nationals, with the exception of local non-travel teams.



Team Goals and Objectives:

  • To provide the best possible coaching at each level, and to give each player the opportunity to excel.

  • To develop volleyball fundamental skills and advanced techniques. The club will provide the best possible coaching staff to develop our player’s basic individual games and team fundamentals, to compete at the highest level.

  • To provide a positive experience

  • To promote good sportsmanship and character by having coaches who exhibit strong leadership qualities. We intend to develop these important athletic qualities in all of our players.

  • To provide exposure at the collegiate level and opportunity for a scholarship.

  • Volleyball is a TEAM sport. It is based on individuals striving to obtain one common goal. Each athlete must be committed to their team as much as themselves. Volleyball is a sport that is 30% physical and 70% mental. There is nothing that should interrupt team morale. This sport is purely about “the TEAM” and everyone should be committed to that.



Player Expectations:

  • Practice how you will play – always practice competitively

  • Challenge yourself and others - the only way to improve is to try harder

  • Show respect for your coach and teammates at all times

  • Hustle at all times – that includes shagging balls

  • Expect to work hard and give 100%, 100% of the time

  • Learn to take constructive criticism and work to fix the problem

  • Support others at all times – it is a team sport




What You Can Expect From Your Coach:

  • Leadership and training necessary to achieve team goals

  • Push you past your limits

  • To expect and accept only the best

  • To be treated with respect

  • Dedication to your success

  • Inspire confidence


  • To provide a healthy, supportive atmosphere in which young athletes can dedicate themselves to improving their volleyball skills, succeed in a competitive environment, and strive to excel.

  • Teach volleyball skills as well as sportsmanship, discipline, the drive to excel, goal achievement, self-confidence, teamwork and a mindset of continuous learning and improvement through the sport of volleyball.

  • Use accomplished and experienced coaches to provide a high quality program of: instruction, practices, scrimmages, and active participation in tournaments at a competitive level, so that other teams respect and anticipate playing us.

  • Prepare players to lead and excel on their high school teams.

  • Capture and cultivate the interest and talent of middle school-aged and high school-aged athletes to ensure a strong future for Out of Bounds Volleyball.


  • Offer programs that allow players the opportunity to play and continuously improve throughout the fall and winter, so that player skills are sharp and fresh when the spring high school season starts.

  • Ensure OOB programs are of the highest quality, by hiring coaches who have the experience, technical volleyball skills, passion for the game, patience, and teaching skills necessary to improve and expand player skills and build quality, cohesive teams.

  • Ensure that tryouts for club teams provide a rigorous and accurate process that places players on teams matching their ability and potential where they can expect equitable playing time in tournaments.

  • Deliver twice-weekly practices that are comprehensive and well-planned with time for individual skill instruction, team skill instruction, and scrimmages.

  • Maintain a regular schedule of scrimmages and competitive tournaments that give players a chance to apply their improving skills and play with a confident, winning attitude.

  • Ensure programs are appealing and deliver value to players to guarantee that the club attracts talented players and membership is competitive.

  • Identify and recruit top players.

  • Respect club members as serious athletes and expect in return dedicated volleyball players who are committed to effort, reliable participation, a willingness to learn, and teamwork.